Poacher must pay fines, court costs, and serve two years probation The second largest whitetail buck ever in Texas could be headed to the record books with an asterisk: poached. Earlier this week, a Denton County man pleaded no contest

Four Washington state teens face state, federal charges Authorities in Washington state report detaining a group of teens for shooting deer and using them for bait in order to shoot eagles. A sheriff’s deputy in Klickitat County, Washington, discovered three

Little-known law makes color signify warning to interlopers Did you know the color purple painted on fence posts or trees in Texas means no trespassing? Most people don’t. Since 1997, Texas has had this unique law on the books. According

Governor Greg Abbott signed into law open-carry legislation that allows Texans with licenses to openly tote their handguns in a hip or shoulder holster.

President Obama has signed into law the Omnibus Bill, which includes The Three Amigos provision ensuring the future of 3 antelope species flourishing in Texas.

Starr County Sheriff’s Investigator, Javier Peña has had a run in with the wrong side of the law after being charged with three misdemeanors for illegal poaching.