Evolution of hunting helped our ancestors become carnivores, paving the way for later adaptations, including increased brain size & migration out of Africa.

During an interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival, US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan talked about her bird hunting trips with Justice Antonin Scalia.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has released a new report documenting the impact of hunting activities on the U.S. economy, including job creation.

Revered gun writer John Wootters, author of “Hunting Trophy Deer,” died Tuesday in Ingram, Texas. He was 84. He wrote for many sportsmen publications.

PETA sent an anti-hunting letter to President Barack Obama on Monday asking him that he no longer consider hunting as a justification for gun ownership. has complied a list of a dozen less-than-honest groups that undermine and manipulate systems across America to end hunting, trapping and fishing.

More than 90 million residents age 16 and older participated in some form of wildlife-related recreation such as hunting or fishing in 2011, up 3% in 5 years.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s infographic reveals that hunting supports almost 700,000 American jobs, providing positive economic impact in the U.S.

The NSSF reports that out of the six states prohibiting Sunday hunting, Pennsylvania would benefit the most economically from ending this prohibition.

Kayleigh’s Turn

It was my daughter Kayleigh’s turn to go the King Ranch and try her hand at nilgai hunting. Kayleigh is a senior at Canyon High School in New Braunfels.