The Trophy Experience
October 27, 2017
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The Trophy Experience

TTHA Member shares his own Trophy Experience

By Prentice Clemons

Year after year of watching my uncles, Jimmy Spivey and Garland Spivey, taking record scoring bucks in North Texas, I was inspired to hunt in Walker County. On Nov. 30, 2016, I got a text from Garland inviting me on a hunt I have been waiting on for a long time. I went to Wes and Luana Wieder’s Huntsville Whitetail Ranch in Walker County.

December 2 was the day. Waking up around 5 a.m., I checked my gear bag, and got my rifle ready for my biggest hunt. Later that day around 3 p.m., my uncles and I made it out to the ranch. It was such a pleasure meeting Wes for the first time, after seeing him in so many trophy hunting photos.

As we headed to the blind, we spotted a few big bucks heading up wind. Once we made it in the blind we waited for one to two hours, watching the animal movement.

Then I spotted the one I wanted, slowly moving through the brush and trees. As he came into an opening, he stopped.

At this time I was hoping he wouldn’t get a whiff of us. But he didn’t, and he continued out into the open.

After watching him for 20 minutes, two more bucks showed up out of the blue. So I waited for a clean shot. Once my buck turned and stopped, I shot my biggest buck, scoring 169 1/8. Wes made the cleaning process easy for me.

This buck earned me a first place plaque at the 2017 Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza in Houston, Texas. I have always hunted in Central Texas, but never have I taken a big buck like my uncles.

Every year I couldn’t wait until my uncles sent me photos of their new bucks. I could not wait to show them off, as if they were my very own. I would show coworkers, friends, and many more people.

I finally took my own big buck in Walker County.



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