January 11, 2011


Truck Cap

Constructed from durable fiberglass material and reinforced with steel to support large equipment, A.R.E’s RT Series aerodynamic truck cap can carry bulky items like building materials or heavy power sports vehicles. It features full length side windows, stainless hinges with a slam shut latching system on the fiberglass rear door, a 30-percent tint on side and rear windows, full length side tip-out windows, a 12-volt dome light and LED brake light for increased visibility, and a 54-inch rear door height that’s ideal for hauling large cargo like ATVs and four wheelers. A.R.E. offers its RT Series for 2009-current Ford F-150 trucks as well as 2007-current CMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado models, both 6.5-foot and 8-foot beds. Contact A.R.E., 800-649-4ARE;

Branch Blind

Branch Blind’s unparalleled portability, toughness and ability to use the wildlife’s own habitat for camouflage makes it the most unique and adaptable hunting blind on the market. Just collect vegetation from your hunting area and weave it into the unique wire panels. Made of tough, galvanized iron to last a lifetime, it’s totally portable with a sled or trailer base, will customize for towers and vehicle roof mounts, stays free of wasps and other pests, is wheelchair accessible, and can range to fit a single hunter or a large group. Contact Branch Blind, 713-572-6214;

Light The Way

Blo-Glo is a scent free, multi-purpose phosphorescent powder that, when activated by a light source glows brightly enabling you to check wind direction and thermal air currents even during low or no light conditions. Blo-Glo is also a great way to mark a blood trail, scrape site or trail and then provides a visible means of finding your way in and out of the woods after dark. Blo-Glo may also be used as a range marker in hunting situations. Contact Cass Creek, 800-891-3660;

Odorless Shampoo

“Huntress Approved” shampoo and conditioner satisfies both the huntress and hunter’s most demanding requirements in a single product. It has exceptional odor control, as well as manageability for healthy and scent free hair performance. No more tangles, easy to comb out, and won’t dry your scalp like other brands. The proven formula contains enzyme odor destroying technology to prevent scalp and human odor. Contact Dead Down Wind, 816-421-4397;


This revolutionary camera mounts to the underside of the bill of your hat to capture everything you see. The Lid Cam’s amazing lens can rotate up to 60 degrees to capture that down-the-arrow or barrel shot you’re looking for. With its 3-position preset zoom, you can be sure to get the shot of a lifetime. Takes high-definition 720p video with audio. Accepts up to 32 GB Micro SD Card of additional memory. Features 8× digital zoom. Video includes date and time stamp. Wind noise-reducing microphone. Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery offers up to 3 hours of recording time on a single charge. USB port for downloading your footage and recharging the Lid Cam. Dual LED lights. Weighs less than 4 ounces. Contact Rhino Outdoors, 888-689-6099;

Light Load

KUIU (pronounced koo-u) adds its Icon carbon frame backpack to their product line. The rigid 13-ounce slim frame is engineered to have vertical stiffness for carrying heavy loads and horizontal flexion allowing for a more comfortable ride, all in a single part frame. This allows the pack to be comfortable enough to day hunt in and stiff enough to haul out an elk quarter when you are successful. The frame comes with two bag options-interchangeable on the frame and suspension-a 3,000 cubic inch daypack, or a 6,000 cubic inch bag. Contact KUIU, 855-367-5848;

Hang Your Chair

The Hung Right Chair is designed with quiet comfort in mind. The first of its kind free hanging hunting chair has no moveable parts, no bearings, no swivel mechanisms, which allows for extremely quiet, comfortable 360-degree movement. It becomes virtually invisible when in use, and is designed for adaptability. The chair can be hung with, or without, the optional tree bracket, or from a carefully chosen limb using a quarter-inch chain. It’s safety harness doubles as a packing harness for easy portability. It’s ultra-soft closed cell foam cushion, and unique lumbar support design provides hours on end of hunting, without the need for constant readjustment and realigning to stay comfortable. Made in the USA. Contact Hung Right Hunter, 970-264-6957;

Point Of Impact

The Hartcraft X-Change is a revolutionary new concept in broadhead design that gives hunters the only complete broadhead system. These broadheads use one ferrule body with five unique blade options designed specifically for versatility and performance. All five varieties have one point of impact so you can change styles with confidence without needing to adjust your sights. All models are razor sharp and shoot through mesh accurately, ensuring extreme penetration and massive wound channels. Contact Hartcraft X-Change, 830-990-0100;

Case Closed

The Plano Manta is designed for versatility, meaning most any style of crossbow can be secured down into the case’s customizable high-density foam padding in key impact areas for the ultimate protection of stock and limbs. Its multiple tie-down locations and straps inside fit crossbows of all sizes and shapes to hold them securely in place.

The case’s “tail” adjusts as necessary for long and short tail stocks, further adding to the case’s flexibility in accommodating the country’s most popular crossbow brands and styles.

The hinges at the front open and close like a clam for easy bow placement and removal. The lid has a built-in storage area for holding bolts and a quiver. Heavy-duty latches on both sides of the tail provide positive closure. Two handles and a removable shoulder strap afford convenient options for carrying and handling. Contact Plano, 800-226-9868;

ATV Luggage

Raider Power Sports offers a line of ATV luggage featuring Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. The luggage includes a rack bag, deluxe rack bag, tank bag, gear/map bag and fender bag all featuring 600 denier polyester fabric with PVC weather protection backing. The Raider Deluxe ATV Rack Bag features 3 large storage compartments with large zipper closures, one large storage compartment that can be removed from the main bag, beverage holders and mesh pocket outer storage. Contact Raider Power Sports, 920-430-3700.

For Big Kids

The Pro Diablo is no mere toy but a fast shooting, hard hitting weapon that has become a favorite of the pros for it’s power and accuracy. It features a contoured ‘soft touch’ molded comfort grip with stainless steel arms, a 3-piece stabilizer system, detachable wrist brace, Magnum Power Bands and adjustable sighting system. It also comes with target ammo and complete Shooter’s Guide. Everything the pro down to the beginner needs to hit the mark. Contact Barnett Outdoors, LLC, 1-727-234-4962;

Attack Odor

ScentMaster changes the way hunters attack foreign odors and approach scent control. The 30-gallon capacity box moves 110 cubic feet per minute of 130-degree air, pulling unwanted odors and moisture from your clothing. Use it with a scent bag of your own mixture to drive a cover scent deep into your clothing, boots and accessories. Contact ScentMaster, 877-806-1988;

Hunting Journals

Designed after the old Lewis and Clark handmade leather journals, Hunter Hills Journals are skillfully crafted pieces of art that hold specifically-designed pages for various book styles; each capturing the essence of the hunt and days spent in the field. Holding individually hand torn, acid-free paper sheets that have been hand sewn into the journal, each are made from top grain leather and designed by artists who appreciate the outdoors.

Journals come in three models. The 220-page Lodge journal measures 5½×7 inches and includes 100 photo pages (4×6), 120 formatted pages and plastic sleeves or acid free corner tabs to hold prints. The Camp Journal squares the same but holds 200 formatted pages (no photo pages). The smaller and compact 4×7-inch Field Journal offers 110 pages and is perfect to take anywhere. The formatted pages provide spaces for pertinent information. Visit or call 801-842-3929.

Woodman’s Pal

With an overall length of 16½-inches, including the 6-inch ash hardwood handle, the Woodman’s Pal Model 481 Classic is ideal for any outdoorsman. The ⅛inch thick by 10½-inch high carbon steel blade hardened to Rockwell C47 gives it strength for cutting, keeping its edge and flexibility in cold weather.

The resin-bonded fluorocarbon coating prevents cracking and corrosion over time. The blade cuts branches up to 1½-inch diameter with a single stroke. Its unique sickle hook slices through stubborn vines and briars and removes unwanted sprout growth at ground level. It’s accompanied by a nylon or leather wrist strap. The blade’s balance runs from the grip to the edge of sickle to create natural momentum guaranteeing efficient, comfortable and accurate motion. To reduce injuries, the safety toe extends 1 inch up the axe side of the tool. Contact Pro Tool Industries, Inc., 800-708-5191;

Perfect Grip

The new Big Game Drag Glove makes light of the load by utilizing the hunter’s own body weight to create leverage, saving the hunter’s back and hands from tiring in the process. This ingenious pair of gloves has a simple, yet effective design. Incredibly durable heavy-duty nylon straps are actually sewn into each glove, ensuring a perfect grip every time, and absolutely no slipping while dragging the animal. Simply slip them on and attach the straps to the animal, and you’re ready to drag. Plus, while they are primarily used for dragging big game, they can also be used to effectively hang deer for skinning. Contact Big Game Drag Glove, 719-465-1825;

Flipper Trough

The “Flipper” Water Trough makes keeping fresh water for your deer a breeze. Cleaning water troughs to provide fresh water used to take hours in your pens, but can now be done in seconds by lifting a lever and flipping over the 25-gallon trough to dump its entire content. Then simply wipe out the epoxy coated interior and lock the trough back in an upright position. The skid frame is made of 2⅜-inch pipe and is virtually indestructible. Contact Outback Wildlife Feeders, 800-396-6313;





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