Accurately field judging a pronghorn on-the-hoof can be difficult. Simple tricks from the Outdoor Hub can make the pronghorn one of the easiest animals to score.

Hunters in Slovenia and Washington took “unicorn” deer. An antler deformity or hormonal imbalance cause the deer to have one antler where two should be.

According to a recent study by, about half of sportsmen surveyed said they had hunted small or upland game like squirrels in the past year.

Humans have been hunting for as many as 400,000 years. Brett French’s blog explores whether humans are genetically inclined or hardwired to be hunters.

Montana FWP has dropped plans to pursue legislation protecting the confidentiality of hunters and trappers who take any type of game animal such as bears.

The whitetail breeding season in Texas happens from Sept to Feb. Hunters should target days when bucks are chasing does and are more susceptible to being seen.

Whitetail deer have an amazing sense of smell. What factors do deer use know what’s going on in around them? Outdoor Hub has more info on deer’s sense of smell.

Texas sportsmen want Governor Abbott to use BP’s oil spill fines to restore wildlife habitats on the coast according to a letter signed by various groups.

With the Senate going to Republicans, there is little chance of bill’s passing that would be detrimental to citizens’ gun rights, according to the NSSF.

A US District Court denied a motion to reconsider its ruling in the Palmer case, a case that nullified the city’s ban on carrying firearms outside of the home.