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William Russell

William Russell

ProStaff Member: William Russell

Hunting/Game Management/Ranch Management Experience:

I primarily hunt at my ranches throughout Texas for whitetail, mule deer, antelope, exotics, hogs, dove and quail. I have also enjoyed hunting whitetail in Kansas and hogs in Hawaii and Argentina, Elk in Arizona and Montana and have gone on numerous safaris in Tanzania, Botswana, and South Africa for dangerous game and plains game. The lion is the only animal I need to complete my “Big 5”.

I come from a ranching background where we have issued strict management strategies on many different ranches. Each ranch has its own management plan tailored specifically to the ranch location and our families goals. On each property we do many things to improve the habitat for all species that inhabit them like adding water sources and participating in controlled burns. On our Devil’s River property we are currently working with the state to increase the Snow Belle population, a rare plant species that does well in the Trans Pecos region of the state.


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Trinity University
  • Major in Anthropology

Professional Organizations:

  • Member of TTHA (Texas Trophy Hunters Association)
  • Member of TWA (Texas Wildlife Association)
  • Member of NRA (National Rifle Association)


  • Multiple winner of Texas Water Safari “World’s Toughest Canoe Race”

Television or Print Media Experiences or Appearances:

  • Host of World of Hunting 2010
  • Season Appearances in KT Diaries, Mossy Oak Turkey shows, Turkey Thugs and Razor Dobbs Alive

What was it that got you into hunting?

I grew up on the ranches, riding around with my Mom and Dad. Ranching and the outdoors has been a huge part of my life and will remain that way forever. Hunting to me is not a hobby or just something I like to do. It is what I am most comfortable doing and what brings me the most peace and pleasure.

Family Information: Married to Jayme Russell since October of 2008. We love to hunt together.

Preferred Game Animal: Mule deer

Preferred Weapon Type: Bow

Thoughts to Share:

I am proud to be associated with TTHA. I remember as a child I would anxiously await each issue to show up in the mail. I would stash my new issues inside the cover of a text book so I could read them in class. My teachers did not think much of it, except for the ones that took them for their own reading pleasure.

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