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Chris Gill

Chris Gill

ProStaff Member: Chris Gill

Hunting/Game Management/Ranch Management Experience:

I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hunt Whitetail in different parts of the state of Texas although most of my hunting is in East Texas at my lease in Douglas, or outside of Tyler. In addition to Deer hunting and Duck hunting which we have a lot of here in East Texas another love of mine is predator hunting. My main predator hunting rifle is a 300 Whisper which is an M-4 based (AR-15) rifle chambered for a 30 Cal Bullet. This is a specialty round that I have to make myself as there are not many places to get it. It is a 223 brass cut down and resized for a 220 gr 30 cal bullet. When adding the silencer and military night vision it is a perfect predator hunting rifle. I have not had the opportunity to do any predator competitions yet, but have plans to this year with a friend in Christoval. I have three friends that have the same setup and we go hog hunting at night with this weapon configuration. This makes for a great hunt, 4 guys running around at night without flashlights in the woods looking for hogs. You just can’t get anymore excitement than that!


  • BA – Sam Houston State University
    Major: Photography
    Minor: Military Science

Professional Organizations:

  • Abbott Laboratories – Pharmaceutical Representative
  • United States Army Reserve
  • Show of Support Military Hunt


  • 1st Place Whitetail Competition TTHA Deer Contest 2007

Television or Print Media Experiences or Appearances:

  • The Journal of The American Trophy Hunter TV Show
  • The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunter

What was it that got you into hunting (memorable experience as a child or other)?

I grew up in the city, but vacations were spent at my grandparents house in Abernathy Texas. The biggest animal I hunted until High School was prairie dog. I always had a love for the outdoors, but never had a chance to mix the outdoors and hunting until college. I became an avid duck hunter and when I was not duck hunting I was fishing. As the years went by I developed a love for other game to include deer, turkey, dove and hog. I had the honor of being included in the Show of Support Military Hunt in 2006 where I harvested my first whitetail buck. I have learned a lot about hunting and management from a good friend (Terry Johnson) and spend my time soaking up tips and tricks at the TTHA Hunters Extravaganzas, which allows me to return to East Texas and put these tips and tricks into practice on my East Texas hunting lease in Douglas, Texas.

My dream is to save enough money to get to harvest a few other species like Mule Deer and Bear.

Preferred Game Animal:

  • Whitetail Deer
  • Upland Bird (Dove)
  • Waterfowl (Duck)
  • Bobcat & coyote

Preferred Weapon Type:

  • Rifle
  • Bow

Any Additional Information or Insight You Wish To Provide:

I am an avid reloader and reload for large and small rifle, pistol and loads that are not commonly found. If this can be of use on the website, then by all means mention it.

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