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Ashley Kana Reagan

Ashley Kana Reagan

ProStaff Member: Ashley Kana Reagan

Hunting/Game Management/Ranch Management Experience:

Professional hunter, hunting operation manager, businesswoman, outfitter, and rancher. Ashley grew up on her family’s land; an 11,000 acre hunting preserve located in the Texas Hill Country known as The West Kerr Ranch.


Ashley graduated from Texas Tech University. She has been involved in numerous charitable organizations, including, Armed Forces Foundation for wounded soldiers, Operation Orphans, Urban Connections and TWA youth hunts. She donates hunts to several causes that further cancer research: Hunting for the cure, American Cancer Society and Texas Oncology Relay for Life. She has a strong desire to help others; given that she has experienced cancer first hand in her own family and is grateful that the ranch & hunting can be utilize to benefit cancer research.


  • Lone Star Land Steward

Television or Print Media Experiences or Appearances:

  • Hunting 201: Beyond the Basics
  • Journal of the American Trophy Hunters
  • Texas Trophy Hunters
  • West Kerr Current
  • Texas parks & wildlife magazine
  • TPWD Television
  • Field & Stream

What was it that got you into hunting?

Ashley was born into a family of land managers and outdoorsmen. Her grandfather bought the ranch she grew up on in 1976. Her father was renowned for his acute hunting instincts and shooting skills. So, when Ashley was born, it would be only natural for her to be nurtured by the outdoors. Early on, Ashley demonstrated her shooting abilities by harvesting her first rabbit at the age of seven. From there, she progressed to deer, turkey and the occasional varmint, rarely missing with a youth .243 nicknamed "Betsy." When Ashley was 13, her mother took on the very serious business of managing the ranch that Ashley knew only as her childhood playground. As Ashley continued to hone her hunting, stalking and tracking skills, she also began the very serious business of managing the hunting operation that her grandfather left behind when he died in 2002. Hunters who meet Ashley for a three day hunt leave the West Kerr Ranch knowing that they have met and spent time with a very special outdoorswoman who has exceeded their expectations and sent them back home with memories that would last a lifetime.

Family Information: Ashley’s mother’s passion for land improvement has inspired her to carry a well rounded habitat management program. In 1999 her mother proudly won The Lone Star Land Steward Award. Because of her mother’s emotional bond with the land, Ashley has assumed many of the management responsibilities; conducting prescribed burns, making lodging improvements, filling protein feeders, guiding, checking fences, and meeting with biologists to improve her whitetail herd. During the off season she spends countless hours, driving the ranch road, watching wildlife just outside her door.

Preferred Game Animal: Whitetail Deer, Elk, Exotics

Preferred Weapon Type: Bow

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