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by | Aug 02, 2013

By Ray Petree

Another highly anticipated deer season had just opened in Grayson County. As a veteran bow hunter, I was just as excited like in 1986 when Grayson County had its first archery season. I had very recent trail camera pictures of a big non-typical and was hoping to see him during daylight hours. I don’t like to hunt when it’s hot, but like to hunt as much as possible before the acorns start falling.
My main hunting partner is my nephew Mickey Petree. Mickey was working out of state and wouldn’t get to hunt until that job was completed. My wife Donna had been unable to hunt the last two years because she was taking care of her father and several other elderly family members. However, it was looking like Donna would be able to hunt some this year, but not opening weekend.
Opening morning came and went. I saw some ducks, a button buck, and four does. Opening afternoon I saw four does, a big eight-pointer, and a real nice 140-class 4x6. I did not hunt Sunday morning and watched the Green bay Packers and New Orleans Saints game instead. I looked at the clock and realized I should have been in the deer stand already. I took a quick scent-free shower, put on my scent lock clothes, sprayed down and grabbed my bow and rushed to the stand.
I had been in the stand about 20 minutes when two does came in and started feeding in the wheat field. About 10 minutes later two more does came in and started feeding. After about 10 minutes all the does looked to the north, and after staring for a few minutes, they all decided to leave the area. I slowly turned my head to the north to see what was there and saw the big non-typical coming.
Once I put the binos on the buck, I thought the buck looked more massive on-the-hoof than he did on the trail camera pictures. The buck came in and I had him at 20 yards, but he was quartering towards me. That’s a shot I will not take.
The buck turned and started walking away so I drew my bow. As I was about to grunt to stop the buck when the buck stopped on his own and looked towards the north. The buck didn’t like what he saw so he turned to his left and started walking away. I grunted and when the buck stopped I let the 100-grain 4-blade broadhead fly.
I saw the nock hit right where I aimed and watched the buck go into one of his woodlots. After looking at my watch to check the time, I turned to see what else was coming. It was a pig. I pulled one of my less expensive pig arrows out of the quiver and got ready for the pig in case it decided to come in.
The pig came in right at last light and I was able to shoot it. After waiting almost an hour I got down and went to the spot where I stuck the big deer, but couldn’t find any blood or the arrow. I decided to go to where the buck entered the woodlot and start looking for blood there.
I found blood, but not very much, and followed the scarce bloodtrail for a while until it went into some very thick brush. I couldn’t figure out which way the buck went from there, so I decided to start looking for the deer. I looked for about 20 minutes and finally saw the buck up ahead. The buck had only gone about 100 yards, but he went through some very think brush. When I walked up to the buck I noticed one tine had been broken off.
I realized that I’d taken the big buck on my nephew’s birthday. I have the No. 2 Grayson County typical, second to Jim Lillis’ monster B&C typical. When I called Mickey to tell him about getting the buck he said I got the “Mick Mick” buck. Mickey was very happy for his uncle and hunting partner and he was proud that he named it the Mick Mick buck. Mickey and Donna asked me what I thought the buck would score. I said I just hope he nets 195 so he makes Boone and Crockett. On Sunday December 2, Boone and Crockett scorer Ken Witt made the drive to Sadler, Texas, to score the Mick Mick buck. After several hours Ken finally called out the official score of 205 1/8 net B&C. That would put me at No. 2 on the Grayson County non-typical list, second to the Jeff Duncan buck, which I had hunted exclusively for several years. After 26 years of archery hunting, I had finally made the Boone and Crockett Club.

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