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American Rifleman's Top Ten Rifles

by | Feb 18, 2013
There are some guns you want to own, others you should own, and others still that you absolutely must own before your time on this earth is over-and American Rifleman has made distinguishing the difference a little easier with its new gallery, "10 Rifles You Should Own Before You Die."

In the introduction of "The Rifle Book," Jack O'Connor wrote, "To me the rifle has always been the most romantic of all weapons, and of all rifles the one I love most is the rifle for big game ... I like a handgun, I hold a shotgun in high regard; but rifles—well, I love the darned things."

It is with that spirit in mind that contributor Jerry Lee explains which rifles all gun enthusiasts should own at some point in their lives, and why.

From the seemingly ageless "Rifleman's Rifle" to more modern entries into the civilian market like the AR-15, Lee's comprehensive list journeys throughout firearms history to include bolt-actions, lever- actions and semi-automatics alike. The complete list can be found at

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