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Justin Moore Defends Hunting On Twitter

by martin | Oct 14, 2011
Country entertainer and hunting fan Justin Moore, who wrote "This Is NRA Country," the National Rifle Association's theme song, recently shared his excitement about a hunting trip via Twitter. That tweet, however, didn't go over well with one of his Twitter followers.
“Thanks Montana for a great show. Listenin to bocephus on the bus. Gonna try to kill an elk here tomorrow," Justin tweeted after a concert there.
Jason Tate (username Tatersauce) responded, "Hope that right before u shoot it u look right in it’s eyes and see ur kids and think if that was them.”
Moore replied, "An animal ain't the same as my kid to me. You?" and followed up with, "Also, if you don't wanna offend me, don't EVER mention my kids again in that way . . . EVER. Pretty ignorant statement on your part.”
The argument escalated from there, with more than 40 tweets exchanged between the two. Radio station WYRK posted all the exchanges on their website . At one point Tatersauce took a shot at what he considered Moore's rich lifestyle and called him a hillbilly and an idiot.
“Cause like all fans, we like the music and stuff but know u people make ur $ then it's all about u and who cares about poor," tweeted Tatersauce, to which Justin responded, "You've no idea what my wife, daughter(s), family go through. Don't pretend you do. I'm blessed, yes. But, it ain't what you think.”
Tatersauce wrote, “If I was illiterate then I wouldn’t be reading and sending tweets to a hillbilly. Or do u even know what that word means?”
Moore responded, “I do because I’m proud to be one. So are millions of my fans. You just offended me, and them.”—courtesy Country Weekly



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