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2012 Annual Deer Competition Winners - Houston, TX

2012 Houston, Texas WINNERS

Randy Willmon, 1st adult male, 225 4/8 non-typical, Archer County, Best of Show


Bray Bollinger, 1st youth male, 149 typical, Archer County, High Overall Youth


Matthew Cholopisa, 1st adult male, 149 3/8 typical, Baylor County, People’s Choice.

Keith Bailey, 3rd adult male, 148 2/8 typical, La Salle County, Best Perfect 8

Carolyn Cox, 1st adult female, 154 6/8 typical, Zapata County, High Overall Women’s

Modern Arms Open Range
North Texas

Sawyer Frakes, 2nd youth male, 94 2/8, typical, Mason County.

Travis Bartniski, 1st youth male, 110 3/8 typical, Madison County.

Gracie Ueckert, 2nd youth female, 129 2/8 typical, Guadalupe County.

Taylor Summers, 1st youth female, 145 4/8 typical, Victoria County.

Chandler Frakes, 3rd youth female, 100 2/8 typical, Mason County.

Kevin Cowhan, 2nd adult male, 139 4/8 typical, Anderson County.

South Texas & Mexico

Kristopher Pavia, 1st adult male, 153 3/8 typical, Uvalde County.

Melissa Christie, 2nd adult female, 127 typical, McMullen County.

Joseph Marsalia, 1st youth male, 111 5/8 typical, La Salle County.

Out Of State

Brian Nevin, 3rd adult male, 136 2/8 typical, South Dakota.

Gregory Charney, 1st adult male, 149 typical, Nebraska.

Larry Herring, 2nd adult male, 144 2/8 typical, Oklahoma.

Deborah Herring, 1st adult female, 131 typical, Oklahoma.

Modern Arms High Fence

North Texas

Rocky Rakocy, 1st adult male, 172 4/8 typical, Archer County.

Gregory Charney, 2nd adult male, 155 5/8, typical, Limestone County.

Troy Mouret, 3rd adult male, 150 5/8, typical, Blanco County.

South Texas & Mexico

Grayson Charney, 2nd youth male, 127 5/8 typical, Medina County.

Keith Bailey, 1st adult male, 151 7/8 typical, Webb County.

Delia Walker, 1st adult female, 143 3/8 typical, Webb County.

Gregory Charney, 2nd adult male, 148 4/8 typical, Live Oak County.

Cameron Wright, 1st youth male, 137 7/8 typical, McMullen County.

Out of State

Daniel Quinn, 1st adult male, 188 4/8 typical, Oklahoma.

Mark Manning, 1st adult male, 301 7/8 non-typical, Ohio.

Dallas Munroe, 2nd adult male, 253 non-typical, Saskatchewan.

Tim Manning, 3rd adult male, 224 5/8 non-typical, Ohio.

Tina Powers, 1st adult female, 215 2/8 non-typical, Wisconsin.

James Manning, 1st senior male, 209 1/8 non-typical, Ohio.

Colton Maloy, 1st youth male, 182 2/8 non-typical, Pennsylvania.

Archery Open Range

South Texas & Mexico

Jane Hale, 1st adult female, 139 6/8 typical, Duval County.

Archery High Fenced

North Texas

Bobby Atkinson, 1st adult male, 168 7/8 non-typical, McCulloch County.

South Texas & Mexico

Mike Wilty, 1st adult male, 220 5/8 non-typical, Medina County.

Out of State

Kenneth Pichotta, 1st adult male, 153 typical, Minnesota.

J.B. Tinney, 1st adult male, 288 non-typical, Pennsylvania.

Travis Manning, 2nd adult male, 230 non-typical, Ohio.

Best in Previous Five Season

North Texas

Brandon Bollinger, 1st adult male, 215 6/8 non-typical, Archer County.

South Texas & Mexico

Gordon Mauch, 1st adult male, 166 2/8 typical, Mexico

Out of State

Scott Brast, 1st adult male, 172 6/8 non-typical, Kansas.

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