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2012 Annual Deer Competition Winners - Ft. Worth, TX

2012 Fort Worth, Texas WINNERS

Brad Barone, 1st adult male, 228 1/8 non-typical, Archer County. Best of Show


Adam Mize, 1st adult male,
135 6/8 typical, Erath County.
Best Perfect 8


Laura Porter, 3rd adult female, 121 typical, McLennan County. People’s Choice

Peggy Haney, 1st adult female, 151 2/8 typical, Bosque County. High Overall Women’s

Tanner White, 1st youth male, 171 6/8 typical, Medina County. High Overall Youth

Modern Arms Open Range
North Texas

Ken Gibbs, 1st adult male, 191 4/8 non-typical,
Denton County.

Branden Seigl, 3rd youth male, 118 typical,
Foard County.

Sarah Barone, 3rd adult female, 118 2/8 typical,
Archer County.

Kevin Jones, 2nd adult male, 131 4/8 typical, Navarro County.

Eric Heath, 2nd adult male, 174 1/8 non-typical,
Childress County..

Morgan Kinsey, 1st youth female, 129 6/8 typical, Erath County.

Jacob Crawford, 1st youth male, 133 4/8 typical, Palo Pinto County.

Stephen Crawford, 3rd adult male, 130 1/8 typical, Palo Pinto County.

Jeremy Rose, 3rd adult male, 162 1/8 non-typical,
Childress County.

Madison Chantham, 2nd youth female, 99 5/8 typical, Dickens County.

Brady Brockett, 2nd youth male, 132 3/8 typical, Montague County.

Kimberly Crawford, 2nd adult female, 142 6/8 typical, Collingsworth County.

South Texas & Mexico

Jolie Boenker, 1st youth female, 146 4/8 typical, Kenedy County.

Out Of State

Paul Schatte, 1st adult male, 158 2/8 typical, Kansas.

Kaleb Swan, 1st youth male, 148 4/8 typical, Oklahoma.

Kelby Kemp, 1st adult male, 142 3/8 non-typical, Oklahoma.

Modern Arms High Fence

North Texas

Terry Boyd, 1st adult male, 181 7/8 typical, Archer County.

Billy Payne, 2nd adult male, 174 4/8 typical, Archer County.

Michael Gallaher, 3rd adult male, 173 typical, Robertson County.

Jamie Mendoza, 1st youth female, 153 5/8 typical, Van Zandt County.

Tracy Harris, 1st adult female, 149 2/8 typical, Somervell County.

Kim Dodson, 2nd adult female, 135 2/8 typical, Donley County.

Tanis Dodson, 1st youth male, 123 5/8 typical, Bastrop County.

South Texas & Mexico

Larry White, 1st adult male, 157 1/8 typical, Medina County.

Larry White, 1st adult male, 206 7/8 non-typical, Medina County.

Out of State

King Reagan, 1st adult male, 207 non-typical, Missouri.

Archery Open Range

South Texas & Mexico

Jon Duperier, 1st adult male, 152 6/8 typical, Jack County.

Justin Leathers, 2nd adult male, 145 6/8 typical, Coryell County.

Hoyt Lindsey, 3rd adult male, 121 7/8 typical, Parker County.

Kandice Jarvis, 1st adult female, 120 typical, Shackelford County.

South Texas & Mexico

Al Boenker, 1st adult male, 164 6/8 typical, Kenedy County.

Out of State

Lloyd McCoy, 1st adult male, 147 6/8 typical, Kansas.

Gary Shumate, 2nd adult male, 135 2/8 typical, Kansas.

Archery High Fenced

North Texas

Shelby Cabeen, 1st adult female, 129 2/8 typical, Eastland County.

Billy Payne, 1st adult male, 205 2/8 non-typical, Jack County.

Best in Previous Five Season

North Texas

King Reagan, 1st adult male, 153 4/8 typical, Hamilton County.

Douglas Kelly, 2nd adult male, 150 typical, Hamilton County.

Kacee Crawford, 1st youth female, 149 2/8 typical, Collingsworth County.

Jon Cosper, 1st adult male, 220 3/8 non-typical, Archer County.

South Texas & Mexico

Michael Roop, 1st adult male, 173 5/8 typical, La Salle County.

Cody Waddell, 2nd adult male, 155 6/8 typical, Zapata County.

Out of State

Adam Mize, 1st adult male, 188 3/8 non-typical, Missouri.

Best Texas Mule Deer

Johnny Patino, 1st, 161 7/8 typical, Childress County.

Samanth Salas, 2nd, 98 6/8 typical, Childress County.

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