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Annual Deer Competition

Texas Trophy Hunters Association™

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the 2016 
Annual Deer Competition

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The 2015 Hunters Extravaganza annual deer competition was over the top! Not necessarily in numbers of bucks entered—we’ve had more. But the trophy quality was as good as or better than anything in the contests in a long time. A big “thanks” to all the hunters who entered their buck. The three show competitions—Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio—were something to see!

I’m going to make a wild guess about Texas whitetails, and the sum total of all deer entered in the Extravaganza contests. I would guess that we had more trophy bucks in the three shows than are killed annually in states like Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Louisiana, Kansas, etc. You get the picture. 

For an old dry, hot, wide state, Texas puts all to shame with total whitetail deer quality. That’s why some 25,000 out-of-state hunters show up in Texas every deer season. And, the quality of Texas whitetails is not accidental—landowners and deer managers, along with hunters, are involved in some of the best programs for producing quality whitetails in the U. S. of A.

One of the standout bucks of the three shows was Mark Lee’s Houston County monster that netted 268, and won Best of Show at Houston. The top buck of the Fort Worth show was Waylan Langford’s Hardeman County buck that netted 192 for Best of Show. The San Antonio showstopper was a big Dimmit County buck entered by Hil Stoup. It won Best of Show with a net score of 205 B&C.

In Houston, the High Overall Woman was Meagan McGee with a La Salle County buck netting 134 3/8. High Overall Youth was Makayla Hay with a Madison County buck scoring 203 1/8.

In Fort Worth, the High Overall Woman was Jennifer Frazier with a Parker County buck scoring 148 5/8. High Overall Youth was Cross Waters with a Jack County buck netting 256 5/8.

San Antonio’s High Overall Woman was Debbie Keene with a La Salle County buck that netted 147 48. High Overall Youth was Del Flores with a 156 B&C buck from Maverick County.

This year’s season should be a good one. Rainfall has been better this year, but we’re not out of the drought, yet. If you get a good buck, take some good photos, write us a good story for The Journal, and we’ll see you and your buck at one of the 40th Anniversary shows in 2015. HG

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